Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Bobby Sager

Bobby Sager, former President of Gordon Brothers Group — a global advisory, acquisition and capital solutions company, will talk about the TV series he inspired and hands-on teaching and leadership training, microenterprInspired by the story of Bobby Sager, real-life entrepreneur turned Third World benefactor, the drama weaves a tale for the times about a heroic billionaire/ playboy/vigilante/philanthropist. Consider “The Philanthropist” Fontana’s.
According to a recent article in the Chronicle of Philanthropy, inspiring others is certainly one of the hopes of Charlie Corwin, the show’s producer,and Bobby Sager, the philanthropist that the show is very loosely based on Please do not hold your breath waiting for someone to make the connection between the Kingston Frontenacs management structure and OHL Prospects’ view Fronts d-man Taylor Doherty is the league’s biggest “faller” for the NHL draft:
Bobby Sager speaking on “Repairing the World” (Tikkun Olam). Tuesday, February 17, 2009. 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm. Location: Vilna Shul. Event Description: Date: February 17th, 2009 Time: 6:00 to 8:30 pm. Bobby Sager will talk about the TV , 2007 A coming-of-age drama about a boy growing up in astoria ny during the 1980s. As his friends end up dead on drugs or in prison he comes to believe he has been saved from their fate by various so-called saints.

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